How It Works

    1. Join the Rock Climbing Realtor’s Explore AZ Facebook Group

    2. Get your copy of the Explore AZ Guide – click here to request a copy.

    3. Explore locations in the guide, scout for local wildlife, and complete activities listed in the guide.

    4. Share a photo of your exploration with the community by posting to the Explore AZ Facebook group along with the point value associated. (This is how we track points)

    5. Redeem points by posting the item you want and the point value in the Facebook Group.

    6. HAVE FUN!


Click Here to View Current Points
Lori R.4126
Elizabeth W.4040
Ariel K.3636
Neng Iong C.3434
Candy and Ron B3434
Debbie T.3232
Kari and Dallas H.3030
Brendan C.2121
Allison B.2020
Dean L.2020
David M.1818
Wayne A 1818
Stephanie S.1515
Gabe R1515
Gary and Kay W1515
Manasseh J.1313
David F1111
Arlis K.1010
Brittany R.1010
Jonah P.1010
Karla M.1010
Katrina P.1010
Kaye V.1010
Kristen K.1010
Lishell K.1010
Olivia H.1010
Kyle G.1010
Ash D.1010
Aaron P1010
Sara R1010
Caleb B55
Lauren K55
Dave R55
Ron O55
Jose Luis F55
Elisa P55
Lisa P55


How do I earn points?

Every time you complete an activity and post your photo to the Facebook group, your points will be updated in the chart above.  You’ll know your points have been added after I like your post.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem points, post in the Explore AZ Facebook Group with how many points you’d like to trade for which prizes and we’ll hook you up!

Is it really free to play?

Simply put, YES!  I created this guide with the hopes of creating a community of like-minded people who have respect for each other, for our community, for our environment, and who like to have fun and make the most of the beautiful city and state that we live in.


As a realtor, I rely on referrals from like-minded people in order to sustain my business, and, consequently, this community.   Do you know someone looking to buy or sell?  Let me know!


Everyone is invited to participate regardless of your intent to buy, sell, or refer.

How can I find out about upcoming group events?

To ensure you don’t miss out any upcoming events, make sure you’re a member of the Rock Climbing Realtor’s Explore AZ Group and that you’re receiving our monthly email (sign up below).

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